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bullet Hugiiino
19 Sep : 17:12
DH David is also my son
bullet Hugiiino
19 Sep : 17:11
LW!Pompey Assassin it's not my brother but it's my son Diego and he's playing on one pc.i think my son has been discussing on the DH server about your server and gotten a ban permanently I think it's a severe punishment it's still a boy he's a lot talking to say it but me but it's admins to judge what's the right thing with regards to the hugiiino
bullet LW!Demon Slayer *Fr*
19 Sep : 12:31
CoCoReNdAn,le codage de CodUO n'est pas le même que sur CoD4,mais merci car le problème est le mê faut voir les possibiliter
bullet CoCoReNdAn
19 Sep : 11:51
I can't reply on twisted's cd key problems topic but here what I found, I know it's for cod4 but it's the same issue, maybe he should try what's told in here
bullet LW! Pompey Assassin
18 Sep : 05:57
Hugino are u also playing under the name Diago or is that ur bro?

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