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bullet LW!TwistedSwede
19 Jun : 03:29
Mule...temp ban can be made if you Think someone is cheating.
bullet Mule
17 Jun : 13:09
Which was why I joined in the discussion and left my original comment. Hansy and Pomp have done wonders keeping this game alive. But I think banning people when no demo was made sucks.
bullet Mule
17 Jun : 13:06
Swede, I was on server when Pomp banned him. Pomp was playing not spectating, no demo's were made in this case.
bullet LW! Pompey Assassin
16 Jun : 06:02
Shady....try deleting all your lw folders and downloading the mod again
bullet Shady
15 Jun : 11:38
When playing on the server I sometimes get stuck on 100 ping (caine said that he had the same issue), and there seems no way to fix this.

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